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Kurta, Traditional dress of Indian- A long loose shirt, the length of which falls below or maybe just above the knees. Earlier ago, primarily worn by men. But nowadays, it has become a unisex dress fashion that both men and women can wear. The Kurta can be worn with a churidar as well as a loose fit salwar depending on one’s personal choice. So, here we are going to discuss different Designer Kurta For Mens

In present times, many youngsters wear kurta along with a funky pair of jeans. Kurta has the advantage of being a very flexible dress that can be worn on formal as well as informal occasions. Many even wear them at work.

Preferences By Man

Most Indian men prefer wearing kurta pyjama during the night and it has become a popular choice. Traditional Kurta-Pyja is quite popular amongst the youngsters. That prefer wearing them in their informal social gatherings, with the basic idea of maintaining a distinctive style of their own.
An interesting thing about the Kurta is that its sleeves do not narrow down and fall straight to the wrist. Kurta doesn’t have cuffed sleeves and its side seams are kept open for the easy movement. The traditional Kurtas do not have any collar and their openings are usually centred on the chest. However, the modern Kurtas have undergone a major transformation and have to stand up collars such as the Nehru collar.

Designer Kurta For Mens- Different Types Of

To wear Kurta on occasions like a wedding or as everyday wear- The Kalidar Kurtas can be most popular. In Uttar Pradesh, this design can be seen in the Chikan fabric and embroidery that is native of the state. The Nawabs of Lucknow popularized the embroidered Chikan Kurtas, which sell like hot cakes in foreign countries as well.

The hallmark of the traditional Lucknowi Kurta is Overlapping panels. The Lucknowi Chikan Kurtas are also stitched in straight plain designs but form a part of the regular wear of people residing in the city due to the intensely hot weather during summers.

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Hyderabadi Kurta

The capital of India’s Telangana state receives its name from Hyderabad. The Hyderabadi Kurta, That distinguished by the presence of a keyhole neck opening and thread work near the collar part. Made in white clothes, Hyderabadi kurta but now they used extensively for coloured fabrics to seal them. They mostly worn on casual occasions.

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Dograi kurta

Dograi kurta from Jammu is open to the front and towards the knees. It paired with Patiala or churidars and even chinos depending upon one’s preference. If you feel like trying something different then the overlapping kurta could be a choice for us. Unique in that it looks like a mini gown and is not straightforward.

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Bengali Punjabi Kurta

The other ethnic Kurta is the Bengali Punjabi Kurta, which makes use of the famous indigenous Kantha embroidery of West Bengal and Bangladesh. These kurtas are rich in design and worn with jeans.

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